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Valentine Privilege Club

With the Privilege Club, you can literally eat our words. Accumulate 5 visits over $10 and get a free meal. And to whet your appetite, you get a free hot dog when you join the Club. You're welcome!

Fresh Fries ready to be picked from your plate

Potato image

At Valentine, we’re obsessed with fresh potatoes. To keep all the great, natural taste, we never freeze them and they are sliced by hand, just before we cook them.

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Potato image

Our customers have devoured the equivalent of 112 school buses worth of cheese curds this year. Clearly all because of our poutine…


Our Hot Dogs our doggone good

Image of an Hot Dog

Whether you like ’em steamed or toasted, you’ll wolf down our hot dogs. The only thing you’ll regret is how fast you eat them.

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Image of an Hot Dog

Our Club sandwich tastes better without toothpicks

Image of a club sandwich

Pieces of chicken breast, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and maple-smoked bacon served between two perfectly toasted slices of bread. A classic stacked with great flavour.

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If we were to build one Valentine restaurant big enough to accommodate all the customers we served this year, it would be 75 times the size of the Olympic Stadium.


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